There's nothing quite like cleaning to take the shine off a special holiday. This Christmas, when all the presents are open and the lunch has been eaten, the dust will settle very literally and you're likely to be looking at a significant mess.

It's a perfect time, then, to think about freeing up your time, or the time of someone you care about, by giving that work to the likes of a robot vacuum. Roborock makes some of the absolute best around, and we've brought together a few of its options for you to think about as the big holiday season draws near.

Roborock S4 Max

The S4 Max is one of the very best vacuums that Roborock makes, not least because it's one of the most competitively priced, coming in at under $500 while bringing a range of features that some vacuums priced twice as high can't beat.

With laser navigation that makes it able to move around intelligently and without assistance, the S4 Max can map out multiple floors in your home automatically, and detect where it is to make sure that it cleans in the most efficient possible way. That's made even more potent by its 2000Pa suction power, enough to comprehensively clear up dust and dirt from your floors. A large dust-bin won't need emptying often, while the Roborock app to control it all is a dream.

Roborock S6 Pure

If you want something that's slightly powered-up compared to the impressive S4 Max, though, the S6 Pure could be a great step up for you. One of the main changes it boasts is the addition of a water tank to let you set it to mopping mode for more persistent cleaning still. It's also got a LiDAR scanning system that makes for unparalleled accuracy in its navigation and map-building.

The fact that it doesn't cost too much more is a really impressive one to consider, despite that addition. You still get some of the other major upsides, too, including similarly powerful suction to make sure that it leaves totally clean floors in its wake, and mapping that lets easily set cleaning schedules on a per-room basis or choose to mark out bits of your home where you'd prefer the vacuum not to go. It's a remarkably easy to use system, all in all.

Roborock S6 MaxV

Alternatively, you could opt for the most fully-featured vacuum Roborock makes right now – the big daddy, that'll ensure every possible feature is present and correct. The MaxV is a bit of a beast – you get powerful cleaning for dust and dirt, as well as all the mopping you could want, and it's got Roborock's most powerful suction in any robot vacuum it makes – 2500Pa. That means it makes mincemeat of normal household dust.

The S6 MaxV also benefits from the addition of on-board AI to make navigation decisions, and avoid obstacles. In combination with Roborock's class-leading automatic floor mapping, you're getting an insanely sophisticated bit of kit.

All this means that you can bid goodbye to the days of the weekly vacuuming jobs you might be used to doing, and say hello to more time spent doing what you actually want to. Whichever of the models we've highlighted you think works best for you, you'll be making someone very happy if you pick one up this Christmas.

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