We love labor day – we can't help it. It's a day to take it easy and celebrate the normal people who make businesses tick through hard work and dedication.

Nowadays, one of the many great parts about the holiday is that it brings a great opportunity to get some really good savings at a whole range of shops, before the rush of Black Friday later in the year.

Roborock's making Labor Day even better with a whole range of great discounts on its excellent vacuums, meaning that you can clean your home safe in the knowledge that you snagged a bargain.

Here are some of the most impressive deals for you to consider.

Roborock S6 MaxV

Roborock's top robot vacuum at the moment, the S6 MaxV shows off everything that makes Roborock a top player in the field. This is a robot vacuum that's truly intelligent and learns not only your home but multiple floors within it as it cleans. It'll use the most efficient route possible without needing to be told, and bring superb, consistent suction to the table to make sure it doesn't leave anything behind.

You also get amazing mopping in the package, for when you want to clean hard floors in a different way, and it's all tied in with Amazon Alexa compatibility that lets you set your cleaning routine going with just a voice command.

Best of all, for Labor day Roborock's knocked $45, more than 5%, off its price – you can get that discount by using the code ROBOS6MAXV on Amazon 4th Sept to midnight PDT on 7 September.

Roborock E4

If you're happy to have a slightly more simplified system and don't mind so much about, for example, mopping, Roborock's got a superb more affordable option for you in the form of the E4.

It's a vacuum pure and simple, and a really excellent one at that, with the benefit of a super-slim design that means it can get under loads of furniture with ease, while still getting superb suction performance to make sure that the cleaning is top-class. You still get voice control, too.

A massive 19% discount is knocking just over $50 off the E4 for Labor Day, if you use the code RoborockE45 on Amazon before midnight on 7 September, so don't hang around!

Roborock H6

Roborock knows that even if it's perfecting robot vacuum technology, some people will still prefer to do their own housework, or will have places in the home that aren't quite suitable for an autonomous cleaner.

The H6 is a superb stick cleaner for those people, then – it's elegant and simple in its design but brings super suction to make it way more powerful than it even looks. A range of attachments makes cleaning different nooks and crannies really easy, while it can also become a little handheld unit when needed.

Until midnight on 7 September, the Roborock H6 is down to just $399.99 from its regular price of $449.99 at Walmart, so if you're on the lookout for a new stick vacuum this is your chance!

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