There's little doubt that Amazon-owned Ring is determined to own smart home security. But, as we saw from Google's tie-up with security firm ADT yesterday, the fight is only just beginning.

But while Google is pinning its hopes on ADT to get its devices installed in homes that can afford to install a while security and smart home system in one go, Ring has decided to launch Ring X Line.

It's a system you can pick devices from but crucially they'd be installed as part of a pro-level system. However, that could be any home security installation firm. The idea is those installers can give you one of six bundles of devices – and they'll all work together on the Ring system.

Each bundle includes a Ring Doorbell or Security Cam, and a 4-year limited warranty, as well as a lifetime subscription to Ring Protect Basic, which enables you to review, share, and save videos for up to 30 days. Unlike the standard Ring Protect, it's specific to a device for its lifetime.

Ring doorbells as part of the lineup comprise Ring Video Doorbell Pro X, Ring Video Doorbell Elite X and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus X. There's also Ring Stick Up Cam Elite X, Ring Spotlight Cam Wired X and Ring Floodlight Cam X.

Presumably, these are similar to the consumer equivalents, but are packaged differently for installers – for example with doorbells you probably wouldn't get the screwdriver and screws you get if you buy the consumer model!


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