Amazon announced the Ring Spotlight Pro during its September event, featuring radar sensors to measure the distance and angle of an object moving in front of the camera for more accurate alerts.

The Ring Spotlight Pro will enable users to set a specific threshold of when you want it to start detecting motion. Once the threshold is crossed, the radar sensors trigger the recording to send a motion alert to your phone.

Motion is detected in 3D, which Amazon says will mean alerts are more refined and accurate. The 3D Motion Detection feature also powers features like Bird's Eye View, which offers an ariel view of your home. The idea is to give you a full picture of the motion event, such as how the delivery person approached the front door or the route the water technician took from the side of your home to the front door.

You'll get a picture-in-picture layout whether you're watching Live View or Event History that shows the movement path and grey dots that light up to indicate where the motion event started before the radar sensors triggered recording.

Alongside the Ring Spotlight Pro, Amazon also quietly announced the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus. Offering a new design, the Spotlight Cam Plus has features like Two-Way Talk, Colour Night Vision, Live View, and a security siren. It comes in multiple power options too, including Solar, Battery, Wired, and Plug-In.

You can pre-order the Ring Spotlight Pro in the Battery or Plug-In option for $229.99 in the US, or £199.99 in the UK. The Wired model will arrive later this year. The Ring Spotlight Plus is also available to pre-order starting at $199.99 in the US or £179.99 in the UK.

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