Amazon is preparing for Prime Day on 21-22 June, where we're expecting a see a range of deals on Amazon devices. But there are some early sales.

If you're looking to boost the security around your home, then there's £60 off the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired now £119. You can get the camera in either black or white.

This is a plug-and-play home security camera with built-in spotlights, a two-way talk system and a siren alarm. This little smart home camera allows you to watch over your home from a phone, tablet or PC wherever you are.

With features that include advanced motion detection, 140-degree field of view, automatic night-vision mode and a powerful 110dB siren, this is one intelligent smart home camera for keeping an eye on your home.

As this is the wired version, you'll have to plug it in to get it to work, but has the advantage of not needing batteries, so it's ideal for watching outbuildings – it's also weather resistant.

It can be used as a standalone device or partnered up with a wide range of Ring's other security devices for a more encompassing home security solution.

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