Ring has added new smart security devices to its line-up regularly over the last couple of years and it has another announcement to share during IFA 2022.

The Ring Intercom is designed for this who live in an apartment block and adds the brand's trademark smart connectivity features to an existing entry phone system.

It comprises a wall-mountable box that is compatible with most audio intercom handsets (claims Ring). It connects to the handset, is powered by rechargeable batteries and enables access to a building's entry system via the Ring app.

This includes the ability to unlock a building's door remotely, even when you are out. Other features include the ability to auto-verify Amazon deliveries, and provide shared user access so other members of a household cab buzz themselves in.

Also coming soon is the ability to auto-verify guests – effectively giving them virtual keys to access the building via their own smartphones.

"We’re constantly inventing based on customer feedback and one of the most common requests I get from customers in Europe is for simple, affordable security options for apartments," said Ring's founder, Jamie Siminoff.

"We reinvented modification-free, easy-to-install home security, with devices like Ring Alarm and Indoor Cam, and now Ring Intercom is the natural next step in Ring's mission to make neighbourhoods safer, for everyone, regardless of home type."

Ring Intercom will be available in the UK from 28 September priced at £119.99.

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