Ring is expanding support for video end-to-end encryption to its battery-powered devices.

It first launched end-to-end encryption for recorded videos last year, but it was only available on wired Ring products. Now it has added the same level of privacy and protection to rechargeable Ring Doorbells and cameras too.

As soon as you enrol through the Ring app, videos recorded by your devices will be locked behind a unique key. Only you will therefore be able to decrypt videos and view them.

This does remove some of the features you might currently enjoy, however – such as watching Live View from any devices you enrol. Shared users will also lose access.

Also now offered by Ring is the ability to store videos recorded on a deactived device without having to download them all to your desktop.

Place a former device into a Deactivated Device State and you can access your saved events and videos even if the device itself is now being used by another account.

This option is also available when using the new Remove Device Flow feature. This allows a user to choose to keep or delete videos and events when removing a device from their account.

You should be able to find all of the new options in the Ring app (after an update).

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