They say never work with children or animals, but Swann Security allows you to keep a watchful eye on all your loved ones. Swann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart security systems meant for average, everyday users. The Swann Security system includes a wide range of devices, including video cameras, video doorbells, window/ door alerts, motion alerts, and more. But if you’re looking for a security device to monitor your family, you can’t do better than Swann Tracker Cam.

When you’re a parent, one half of your mind is constantly at home with your kids and pets. What are they doing? Are they safe? What if I miss them doing something cute? These are just some thoughts that may wander your mind when you’re working. Swann Tracker Cam is an extremely simple and easy-to-install video camera that monitors your family, tracks their movements, records footage, and gives you peace of mind.

This article describes how you can put your family first with Swann Security.

Zoom and track your kids’ and pets’ movements

Swann Tracker Cam is a smart video camera that provides 1080p visuals with a 180° viewing angle, allowing you to monitor your pets and children with complete clarity. But Tracker Cam’s most innovative feature is the ability to automatically track moving objects. The camera features a second camera view that zooms and focuses on the shape of your children and pets, allowing you to follow your kids and pets around the room.

Keep an eye on your family even at night

Swann Tracker Cam allows you to monitor your family at night. The video camera has a powerful infrared lens that can capture up to 32 feet (10 meters) of visuals in pitch-dark conditions. Furthermore, unlike most night vision cameras, you don’t have to worry about losing contrast or definition – the videos are always 100 per cent clear and high-definition. Even if you’re working late nights, you can monitor your kids from anywhere.

Save thousands of videos of your family

Parents hate missing precious moments of their children and pets. Kids and pets get up to all kinds of cute and adorable things when you’re not looking. Swann Tracker Cam features an inbuilt 32GB micro SD card that captures and stores thousands of videos, allowing you to replace the essential unseen moments of your family’s life. You can also download the recorded footage and save them in your family’s personal gallery.

Speak directly with your kids and pets

Swann Tracker Cam features an inbuilt 2-way microphone that allows you to communicate with your kids and pets. If you’re not home and want to communicate with your kids, you can simply engage the microphone feature in the smartphone app, which turns your phone into a handy walkie-talkie. You can now communicate directly with your kids and pets, and they can respond to you. This is an incredibly useful feature that allows you to convey information from afar.

Install conveniently without hardwiring

Swann Tracker Cam is extremely easy to set up, install, and monitor without hardwiring or professional monitoring. You can connect the video camera to your home’s WiFi router, following which you can plug it into the power outlet – you don’t need a smart hub or DVR. Because of the simplicity of installation, you can easily invest in this product without any concerns about the installation, making it useful for renters.

Claim a limited-time discount right now

Swann is offering a limited-time discount on the Swann Tracker Cam right now. Instead of paying £89.99, you can get this powerful video camera and baby monitor for only £69.99. If you want a convenient, comprehensive, and scalable means of monitoring your baby or checking in with your pets in the warm weather, we encourage you to learn more about the Swann Tracker Cam today.

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