Your home is your most valued possession and investment. And you must protect it from all possible dangers, such as intruders, burglars, water damage, and leaks. Swann security’s sleek and unobtrusive range of WiFi alert sensors allows you to protect your home from all possible threats. The complete range of Swann sensors, cameras, and sirens work collaboratively and interact with each other to ensure your home has watertight protection from threats.

You can purchase Swann WiFi alert sensors individually or as a complete package. As your needs expand, you can also add individual sensors to your security system over time. Each alert sensor sends push notifications to your smartphone when triggered by unwanted movements, leaks, or potential break-ins. Furthermore, since all WiFi alert sensors can be attached with double-sided adhesives, they’re also ideal for renters – no hardwiring or professional installation is required.

This article describes how to protect your home with Swann WiFi alert sensors.

Prevent break-ins with window/door sensors

The biggest concern that most homeowners and renters have is that of potential intruders. The Swann window/door alert sensor is one of the simplest means of protecting your home from intruders. The window/ door alert sensor is a magnetic device with two components that can be attached at all points of entry, such as your windows and doors.

When someone opens the window or door, the magnetic connection between the two components is interrupted, and you receive a notification on your phone. You can pick it up for just £34.99 right now.

Detect unwanted movements with motion sensors

Let’s say an intruder manages to enter your property because you don’t have window/ door sensors. If you have the Swann motion alert sensor, it will automatically detect unwanted movements and send a notification to your phone.

The Swann motion alert sensor is a PIR alarm that senses key movements from actual people – not blowing leaves, wind, and inanimate objects. Furthermore, the motion sensor can also detect temperature to ensure your loved ones and pets are comfortable. Right now, it can be yours for just £19.99, down from £29.99.

Deter intruders with loud indoor sirens

Protecting your home is about more than identifying unwanted visitors – you also need to deter or scare them off. And that’s where the Swann indoor siren comes into the picture. The indoor siren can be connected to all other WiFi alert sensors, including the window/ door and motion alert sensors.

When one of the other alert sensors is triggered, the siren starts blaring and lighting up with colours, which can scare away potential intruders. It's now down to just £29.99.

Detect water leaks and flooding with leak sensors

While burglars are a big threat to your home, they’re not the only threat. You should also be concerned about potential water leaks and flooding, which can severely damage your property. The Swann leak sensor provides early warning of leaking water pipes and appliances, allowing you to act before the situation worsens. You can mount the leak sensor in areas more likely to leak, such as near pipes and under cabinet plumbing. If there’s any water leakage detected, it can trigger a notification or siren.

Swann WiFi alert sensors provide comprehensive protection against all major threats to your home – intruders, unwanted movements in your home, and leaks. Since all the WiFi alert sensors are small and easy to mount using adhesives, they can be used by homeowners and renters alike. There’s no need for professional installation or hard wiring. If you want to protect your home without incurring major expenses or hardwiring, the Swann WiFi alert sensors are certainly worth exploring.

Check out Swann's full rasnge of products to pick out the perfect sensors for your home!

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