If you’re a car owner, you probably want to keep your car safe and secure. The prospect of someone vandalizing, damaging, or stealing your car can be dreadful. But you can keep an eye on your beloved car with the Swann Xtreem, the ideal security camera for inside the garage and out, to ensure your pride and joy is safe and secure.

Swann Security has a terrific reputation as one of the world’s most accessible and reliable home security systems. But Swann Xtreem goes one step beyond simply protecting your home – it can also keep your cars and vehicles safe. This wireless security camera can be attached anywhere in (or outside) your home and is suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Here's how you can keep the wheels turning with Swann Security.

Suitable for all weather conditions

Swann Xtreem is the ideal security camera for garages and outdoor installation. It has an IP56 weatherproof rating, which means it can withstand rain, snow, heat, cold, and all other extreme weather conditions. IP rating denotes the level of environmental abuse a product can tolerate, with IP00 indicating no protection from solids or liquids and IP69K indicating complete protection from dust and steam-jet cleaning.

Swann Xtreem has an IP56 rating, which means it’s protected from dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction. Whether you live in an extremely dry and dusty climate, an extremely cold climate with regular snowstorms, or a region that sees dramatic thunderstorms and rain, you can install Swann Xtreem inside or outside your garage to keep an eye on your precious car.

Up to 6 months of continuous battery life

Swann Xtreem is a 100 per cent wireless video camera, which means it runs on battery life. Battery-driven video cameras are generally considered to be safer because they’re not reliant on the central electrical system. If there’s a power outage or if intruders cut your power lines, your video camera needs to continue running smoothly without interruption. But you also need video cameras with powerful batteries that don’t drain out quickly.

You don’t need to worry about susceptibility to power cuts. It’s equipped with a rechargeable 13,200mAh Lithium battery, which provides enough power for up to 6 months of smooth, uninterrupted operation. You can set it and forget it – you don’t have to constantly think about recharging. You can also add a solar panel to your Xtreem security camera, so you never have to recharge the battery again!

Installing a solar panel to the Xtreem video camera is a particularly good idea for outdoor installation. If you’re installing the video camera on a tree or structure overlooking the garage, you can connect it to a solar panel that will supply enough power to keep it running. The solar panel-based operation gives you the best of both worlds – independence from the electrical grid and liberty from having to recharge the device every 6 months.

Reliable alerts when motion is detected

Swann Xtreem is the ideal security camera for those seeking to deter vandalism and theft because of the True Detect feature. True Detect is a powerful heat and motion sensor that triggers prompt notifications when unwanted motion is detected. Traditional motion sensors are notorious for constant false alarms because of wind, blowing leaves, and other inanimate movements. Most people using traditional motion sensors disable the feature because they’re sick and tired of constantly getting panicked about the wind.

But Swann Xtreem is equipped with an incredibly sophisticated motion detection feature. It can accurately detect motion from human beings via two metrics – heat signature and motion. The device first detects motion, following which it detects heat signature. If there’s no heat signature, the motion alert isn’t triggered. This feature ensures you’ll receive accurate motion alerts when some individual comes close to your car. By eliminating false alarms, Xtreem ensures you truly pay attention when someone is messing with your car.

Interact with potential intruders via microphones

Swann Xtreem features an inbuilt 2-way microphone that allows you to interact with intruders. If an intruder is seen trying to access your car, you can use your smartphone app’s microphone feature to release an audio command. You can inform the burglar that they’re caught on camera or that you’re calling the authorities, which should be enough to scare them off. You can trigger a siren sound to alert all the neighbours about the intruder.

Eliminate all blind spots in your garage

Swann Xtreem features a wide 110° lens that allows you to gain a full picture of the garage. One of the problems with traditional security cameras is the lack of wide viewing lenses, leading to blind spots that can be manipulated by sophisticated intruders. But Swann Xtreem can cover the entire garage and eliminate all blind spots, ensuring the intruder can’t get anywhere near your car without being detected by the camera.

Crystal clear visuals in pitch-black conditions

Intruders usually break into homes and garages deep into the night. But that isn’t an issue for Swann Xtreem, which features powerful infrared night vision capabilities. Xtreem can capture crisp and clear visuals up to 26 feet (8 metres) in the dark. Even if someone is coming for your car at midnight, the Xtreem camera will capture them long before they get close. Furthermore, the visuals are captured in 1080p resolution, so you don’t miss any details.

Swann Security offers a comprehensive range of home security devices, including video cameras, DVRs, video doorbells, smart alerts, and more. But if you’re trying to install cameras inside and outside your garage to protect your cars, you can’t do much better than Swann Xtreem – and, right now, you can get it for just £119.99, down from its regular price of £179.99, so don't hesitate!

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