There's nothing like being gifted something that will genuinely make your life easier – they aren't always the most glamourous gifts, but there are some things that can make such an immediate difference that they're huge hits straight away.

That's what we think of robot vacuums for those who've either never used them or never had a good one. Roborock makes some of the very best robot vacuums around, too, so it's a natural place to look when it comes to a Father's Day gift.

Check out two of its very best options, below, and why they could be perfect gifts for a dad in your life.

Roborock S6 Pure

If you know someone who you'd think would benefit from some time back each week, and from waving goodbye to the tiresome chore of running the vacuum around the house themselves, the Roborock S6 Pure could be a great pick. It's a robot vacuum that manages to pack in a heck of a lot of features that far more expensive competitors struggle to match, while staying at a budget-friendly price point.

The vacuum has Roborock's trademark suction power, letting it clean reliably and quickly, but it's also incredibly easy to set up – it'll learn the layout of a home as it moves around cleaning it, refining its route and making sure that it's as efficient as possible. You can also integrate it into your smart home very quickly, making it possible to use the likes of Amazon Alexa to direct it using just your voice.

Whether they want to schedule in cleans for certain times of day, or just let the Roborock do the thinking and forget about vacuuming altogether, the S6 Pure is a great way to give them back some of their time without breaking the bank.

Roborock S6 MaxV

However, if you have a bigger budget or if the intended target of your generosity is someone who you know cares about having the most power possible, you could also opt for the mega-powerful Roborock S6 MaxV.

This stunner of a vacuum amps up the suction power to nearly ridiculous levels to ensure that nothing gets left behind as it moves around. Like the S6 Pure, it can also adjust this power as it moves from hard floors to carpets or vice versa, ensuring that it's cleaning appropriately for the surface it's on.

Something it absolutely excels at is obstacle avoidance, too, with an advanced LiDAR system that makes it able to navigate around even complicated obstacles easily, recognising the problem and finding the best route around it. Another ace up its sleeve is the addition of a mopping system, that lets you fill up a sizeable water tank so that the S6 MaxV can not just hoover but also wipe and clean away grime – even if it's thick and tough to clear. That makes it even more of a help around the house, and the perfect hands-off tool for any dad who just needs some more time.

We think these two vacuums are perfect options for Father's Day this year.

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