Signify, who runs the Philips Hue brand, has announced a range of additions to the Hue line-up of smart lighting devices.

Sure to appeal to those looking to create a retro lighting effect, is a new range of Edison-style filament bulbs, offering all the connectivity and control of other Hue bulbs, but with a totally unique look. These are bulbs that you're going to want people to see, but it's not the most exciting announcement of the day.

Outside of bulbs, Signify is making a bigger move in smart home control. There's the introduction of a new smart plug. That's not exactly unique as they are widely available, but it does make perfect sense to have a smart plug to add that lamp to your Hue system that has so far escaped. Again, we've seen a lot of smart plugs, so it's not hugely exciting.

But it's the smart button that's likely to appeal to those with an existing smart home setup. Yes, this is where you'll find all the awesome source, because it's the simple things that make smart homes exciting – and a smart button is a small thing.

Yes, it's not the first time that Philips Hue has offered a button (there was also the Tap Switch), but now it's just button, without the need for all the plastic around it.

It has a magnetic base so you could attach it to the fridge or you can use the mounting plate to replace a traditional light switch – but you can basically put it anywhere you like because it's wireless and super-convenient.

The button is customisable so you can set it to do whatever you want it to do and it's smart enough to turn on your lights at the suggested level and warmth based on the time of day. We'll have to test it out in real life to see how compatible it is with other devices, but this could be a great addition to any smart home.

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