Signify has announced a couple of new products during CES 2023, with a new downward wall light and Tap dial switch to be available in the next few months.

First to release will be the Philips Hue Resonate downward wall light. It offers warm-to-cool white and colour light and shines downwards from an outdoor wall (hence the name).

That way, it can illuminate a patio or front door area so it's safe and welcoming. You can also narrow the light with an included clip for a more focused triangle of illumination.

It will be available from 24 January in the UK, priced at £109.99.

The Philips Hue Tap dial switch with mini mount will come later, on 14 March, for £44.99.

It effectively provides an alternative shape to the existing Tap dial switch as the new mount is round rather than square. The mini mount is also more versatile, so you can place the wireless lighting remote in more places, even on magnetic surfaces – such as a fridge.

Finally, Signify has announced a UK release date for the Philips hue Go portable table lamp. First unveiled last summer, the £139.99 device can be placed anywhere as it has its own 48-hour rechargable battery.

It'll be available from 21 February 2023.

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