After acquiring SodaStream late last year, Pepsi is now revealing the future of the make-your-own drinks market with its new smart drinks station.

The company has revealed a new "hydration platform" that allows customers to make customisable drinks with reusable bottles.

This system includes a touchscreen interface built into a smart connected drinks machine that has a companion smartphone app that allows you to monitor your fluid intake and set your favourite drink choices.

This #EarthDay, the next step in our Beyond the Bottle journey is here. Our new hydration platform is another way we’re working to deliver more beverages without single-use plastic bottles.

— PepsiCo (@PepsiCo) 22 April 2019

Think of it as a zero-calorie beverage dispenser where you can make your own flavoured fizzy drinks while doing your bit for the environment. The machine will deliver sugar-free, carbonated water drinks with a choice of six natural flavours that include strawberry, lime, lemon mint and more.

It is said that the hydration platform will even include a QR code system for the reusable bottles that will help the machine recognise users and dispense their favourite drink.

When PepsiCo announced the acquisition of SodaStream in December 2018, the company made it clear that its intention was to focus on an environmentally friendly beverage based future. At the time, PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta said:

"…Together with SodaStream, I'm confident we can accelerate progress on our shared goal of curbing plastic waste and building a more sustainable future."

Now that vision is becoming a reality, though there's no official word on when the new hydration stations will be available, how much they'll cost or even if you can have one in the home.

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