Shark makes great vacuums, and it's slapped a discount to die for on one of its very best as part of Amazon's huge Prime Day sales event.

An Amazon UK, its Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has got a huge £200 discount, down 50 per cent from its regular price at just £199.99.

This version of the cleaner also comes with a special pet hair attachment that has its own motorised head, perfect for getting pesky pet hairs out of your sofa or other furniture, and we've actually been using it for over a year.

It's a brilliant cleaner that's super adaptable to how you want to use it, with cleverly-placed joints to make it easy to vacuum under and around your furniture without having to drag it around while you work.

There's also no cord to worry about and great battery life, with 40 minutes of run-time on a single charge. That Anti Hair Wrap label in its name is also really well-earned; this was a big upgrade on our old vacuum, and untangling hairs from the comb is genuinely a thing of the past. They just collect neatly in the bin as you'd hope.

All in all, it's a cleaner we can thoroughly recommend, at a price that makes it way easier to do so – but you've only got today and tomorrow to take advantage.

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