Google has announced you can now make Zoom calls on its Nest Hub Max smart screen device. The app is in preview, which means it's still being developed but it'll do the job if you want to use it.

Right now, the app is open to people in the US, UK, Canada and Australia – presumably because it's only available in English at present. The move is very welcome but a little unexpected; Google's own Google Meet app has been battling Zoom hard this year to make way among 2020's huge growth in video conferencing and chat apps. Google Meet video calls are unlimited (up to 24 hours) through to 31 Mar 2021.

Additionally, Google says that Google WiFi and Nest WiFi now auto-detect when you're video conferencing in Google Meet or Zoom and prioritise that traffic accordingly.

If you’re planning to host calls through Zoom on your Hub Max, you’ll need to link your Zoom account to your Google account beforehand – there are full instructions here. Then, you can start a meeting on your display by tapping the Meet or Zoom cards.

And, if you need to schedule a Zoom meeting ahead of time, the easiest way to do this is using Google Calendar in the same way you can create a Google Meet invite.

You can then also ask Just ask, “Hey Google, join my next meeting” to join the next video call on your Google Calendar. Or say, “Hey Google, start a Zoom call.”

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