Last year, Nissan announced an all-in-one energy storage solution for home and business use that, when coupled with solar panel technology, could effectively lower electricity bills and provide sustainability for UK properties. An attractive proposition in an age of rapidly-rising energy prices.

Now, on the eve of the Nissan-sponsored ICC Cricket World Cup, the company has donated one of its complete solar energy packages, including the xStorage battery system, to Beddington Cricket Club in the heart of Surrey and Pocket-lint visited to see it in action.

Beddington CC has excellent facilities for a local club – being a focal point for sports lovers, players and schools in the surrounding areas alike. However, as with many clubs around UK, it faces many challenges when it comes to raising funds and paying the bills.

Leading the charge

Any help, therefore, is much welcome. Nissan's xStorage solution plus solar panelling on the roof may break from a traditionalist stance on English cricket etiquette, but could greatly reduce its expenditure, not just in the immediate future but for many years to come.

Even if you have no interest in cricket, it makes for a compelling case study. You might not host sporting events on a regular basis yourself, but generating and storing your own power can be of great benefit to your bank balance. Plus, as the xStorage battery unit is made from second-life, recycled Nissan Leaf batteries, you can feel better about your green contribution too.

We talked with Nissan's marketing director Nic Verneull, about the Beddington project during our visit, and about the several implications for home owners too: "It's with great pride that we've developed this service proposition, effectively taking second-life vehicle batteries and turning them into something useful – in this case an energy storage device. Coupled with a solar panel it allows the Beddington Cricket Club to be sustainable. And yes, there is there is an environmental consciousness to the program too," he said.

"It's also as viable for a residential property – for someone who is looking to live in the same home for a durable period of time because there's an amortization curve to consider."

Nissan's Energy Solar home solutions cost upwards of £7,600, including panels and xStorage battery unit, so you have to adopt a long-term strategy for savings: "You're looking at eight to nine years of regular power use to recuperate your investment," he added.

"But yeah, it is a viable proposition for residential – absolutely."

Certainly, you can see why Beddington CC is grateful for the help and guidance.

Start of a new era for cricket?

It might also prompt other clubs to consider a more technological approach in future. After all, cricket seems to be an ideal sport to seek ecological, not just financial solutions: "I think there is definitely a sound tie-in because, yes, just peering out the window here [toward the pitches], there is a lot of vegetation and foliage," observed Verneull.

"In order to keep this environment alive we need to do our bit for the planet which is what we're doing through this type of venture."

The last words, however, came from ex-England cricketing legend and Nissan ambassador Phil Tufnell, who is passionate about local cricket and anything that can help it survive and thrive: "It costs money to run a cricket club, it's as simple as that," he explained.

"This xStorage provides means they can save money on the basics of lighting and what have you, which means they can get coaches to help the kids, buy more bats, buy more pads, buy more training facilities.

"Putting it back into the community and putting it back into cricket for the kids, so they can be coached better. It's a win-win situation."

Powering cricket with sunshine, Nissan ambassador Phil Tufnell visited Beddington Cricket Club to unveil the Nissan Energy Solar technology that has been installed to harness energy from the sun, to support the club’s sustainable energy generation and storage. Over 600 ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 tickets are up for grabs for fans – just tweet @NissanUK using #SweepTheNation.

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