Amazon-owned Ring will launch several new products during 2019, with several leaked online prior to a possible CES unveiling.

In collaboration with another Amazon-owned brand Mr Beams, Ring will reportedly release a standalone smart light: the Ring Beams Spotlight.

It looks like it could work in a similar way to the Ring Spotlight Cam but without the video camera element.

We don't know much more at present, but could hear something else in the build up to CES 2019 which starts next week.

Those with a Ring Spotlight Cam already could be about to get more from their device. A second leaked product – the Ring Beams Wired Floodlight – has a socket that fits the Spotlight Cam and can be used to add further illumination when motion is detected. It effectively turns the Ring camera into the more fully-featured Ring Floodlight Cam.

Finally, Twitter user Dave Zatz has posted an image of a Beams Landscape Transformer, which presumably adds Ring smart functionality to generic outdoors, landscape lighting.

We hope to find out more on all these products during CES in Las Vegas ourselves. Pocket-lint will be there in force from Sunday 6 January and will report back with all the news and first impressions from the show floor.

In the meantime, you can catch up with the latest CES rumours in our handy round-up here.

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