A new Nest Wifi could be on its way soon after a Google device supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard was spotted in an FCC listing.

Products appear on the Federal Communications Commission's website after their wireless connectivity technologies have been approved for use in the US. That usually leads to them being announced soon after.

This particular filing by Google doesn't mention its mesh network system by name, but there are indicators that suggest it's the subject. For starters, it lists support across multiple 6GHz frequencies – the same collection specified in the newer Wi-Fi 6E standard.

It also carries six antennas, which is more common in a router-style device than a phone, say. There are 2 x 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band, 2 x 5GHz Wi-Fi Diversity, and 2 x 2.4GHz / 6GHz dual-band antennas included.

There are a few other minor notes in the test reports and the biggy that this was all submitted by Google. It all adds to existing rumours that a 2022 Nest Wifi update is on its way, for sure.

We don't know if it'll bring additional new features to the table or just be a faster, more stable version of the mesh network device. Considering the listing's timing, we doubt we have too long to find out.

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