Several new Nest products are expected to be announced during the Made by Google event this Thursday. And, if the latest leak is anything to go by, one of them will be a new version of its wired Doorbell.

That's because the Google product has already been spotted on the shelves of Best Buy in the US.

A reader sent a picture of the retail box for the new wired Nest Doorbell to 9to5Google, which he claims was taken inside one of the stores. It says "Wired" on the bottom-left corner along with "2nd Generation". The existing battery model says "Battery" in the bottom-left.

It is reported that they were two colour options on display – one on white, the other in dark grey. It is thought that there will be other alternatives, too.

One major additional detail is that the new Doorbell's price was shown as well. It will be $179.99 and released tomorrow, 4 October.

That's strangely early considering we're not expecting the device to launch until the event on 6 October. However, Google has been releasing official details and videos of other star products in the build up, such as its first in-house Wear OS smartwatch, the Pixel Watch.

That's also been spied in stores, albeit in the stockroom rather than on general sale.

We still have a few days to go before the big event, so what's the betting other devices will also be unearthed beforehand? Maybe you own one already? Let us know if so.

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