LG has announced its own AI chip that is designed for use in future smart home products.

It will work with proprietary LG Neural Engine technology, also newly devised, in order to add more natural, human thinking patterns to its artificially intelligent devices.

These will include future robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners.

The AI chip also includes enhanced visual intelligence tech, in order to recognise objects and location, while determining space. And, voice intelligence will recognise vocal commands and boise characteristics.

Product intelligence, claims LG, will enable devices to detect physical and chemical changes in the environment too.

"Our AI chip is designed to provide optimised artificial intelligence solutions for future LG products," said LG's president, I P Park.

"This will further enhance the three key pillars of our artificial intelligence strategy – evolve, connect and open."

There is no word yet on whether the new AI chip will replace the current LG ThinQ technology the company currently uses in multiple products. Maybe it will complement ThinQ in future?

It is also not stated whether the AI chip and LG Neural Engine technology will be adopted or adapted for use in smartphones going forward. This is very much a smart home announcement at this time.

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