Amazon has announced the next generation of Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock, claiming to deliver better audio.

While the speakers look the same, using the spherical design that launched with the Echo Dot 4-gen, there's been a number of changes to make these compact speakers the best Echo Dots we've seen so far.

The audio has been boosted, with Amazon claiming twice the bass and a 50 per cent reduction in the distortion from these speakers. So this should be the best sound that Amazon has offered in the compact speaker so far.

Again there's both the regular Echo Dot which is joined by the Echo Dot with Clock, which has had a boost to the display, using micro dot technology to make the embedded display better.

Firstly, it's bright enough to see in daylight, but it's also now able to show you a lot more information, so it can tell you artist information, for example.

Both the new devices are equipped sensors too. That includes a temperature sensor, so you'll be able to ask Alexa what the temperature is – including linking that into Alexa Routines to trigger a fan if it gets too hot, for example.

There's also an accelerometer, which will be used to support an increased range of tap interaction. That will include things like starting and stopping timers and much more.

To boost networking around your home, the Echo Dot can also now act as an Eero node, helping to expand your Eero network to reduce dead spots in your home. That's going to make it even easier to stream 4K HDR content around your home.

This isn't just limited to the new Echo Dot – there's also going to be an update to the Echo 4-gen devices to include this technology.

The new Echo Dot will cost $49.99, while the new Echo Dot with Clock will be $59.99.

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