Netatmo has launched a new connected doorbell that works with Apple's HomeKit as it looks to take on Ring and Nest in the smart doorbell market.

The device was originally revealed almost two years ago, at CES 2019, but is now ready for market and will be available to buy from 28 September 2020.

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell will, like Nest Hello, require a wired connection in order to work. The company says it will work with "most electrical installations, from 8-24 volts up to 230 volts", meaning you can simply swap out your standard dumb doorbell for the smart one with ease.

Netatmo also has a compatibility tool so you can check if your current setup is compatible.

As with Netatmo's other products, the Smart Video Doorbell will differentiate itself with the ability to store videos locally on a MicroSD card, instead of insisting users have a cloud account with a monthly subscription.

Both the MicroSD card and the data sent from it to your phone will be encrypted – giving you peace of mind that your data is protected.

This video doorbell will connect to your home's Wi-Fi network and instantly send alerts to users when it detects movement. If someone rings the doorbell, you'll receive a video call you can answer (or not) on your phone. Like other smart doorbell systems, that'll work whether you're home or away too.

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell has a 1080p Full HD camera with a large 140-degree wide-angle lens. It offers night vision for visitors after dark. Users will also be able to set specific alert zones – for example, around the main path to their homes.

Netatmo says this camera also has intelligence similar to that we've seen with it's Smart Outdoor Camera. It'll use artificial intelligence to spot the difference between an actual person coming to the house and unimportant nearby movement.

The doorbell is also said to be entirely waterproof and resistant to all weather conditions thanks to an IP44 rating so you know it'll keep working all year round.

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell will be priced at £269.99 in the UK.

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