Netatmo has announced that it is now making both its indoor and outdoor smart security home cameras compatible with Amazon Alexa.

If you own a Netatmo smart home camera and already have an Amazon Echo device in your house then you're about to get an upgrade.

This new update means you'll be able to control your favourite cameras with your favourite voice assistant with ease. This update is for all Netatmo cameras and every user can benefit from it.

Now you'll be able to use Amazon Alexa to see what's happening in your home in the blink of an eye. With a simple voice command like "Alexa, show me the back garden" or "Alexa, show me the living room" you'll be able to instantly see what the cameras are seeing directly on your Amazon Echo Spot or Echo Show.

If you have a Netatmo Presence installed outside your home, then you can also use a voice command to activate or deactivate the floodlight as well. Certainly, a convenient way to quickly shed some light outside your home without having to open the app on your phone.

Starting today, you can use Amazon Alexa by simply enabling the Netatmo skill.

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