Netatmo has taken to IFA 2019 to announce a new product in the form for a complete smart home security system. This new system ties together three different smart home products to create a complete security system to keep your home and family safe.

The full system features the Netatmo smart home camera combined with smart door and window sensors and a powerful 110-decibel siren.

The company says you'll be able to use this combination to automatically arm and disarm the security system when you leave the house or come home thanks to the camera's intelligent facial recognition system.

While you've always been able to keep an eye on your home remotely with a smart home camera, this system goes a few steps further by using multiple devices to both detect and deter unwanted guests.

The smart door and window sensors can be installed around your home to detect unusual movement and vibrations if someone's trying to force their way in. You'll get a notification in the app if the sensors pick up this kind of movement, but if a door opens and the camera spies an unfamiliar face then the system will automatically trigger the siren. You'll then get a real-time notification on your phone, including a video clip of the intruder.

Of course, you can customise the settings on all these things to ensure the system is only engaged when you leave home and you don't get unnecessary notifications when someone has just opened a window to get some fresh air.

The indoor siren can also be triggered remotely and customised with various pre-recorded sounds to make it seem like you're home when you aren't – like the sound of a dog barking or music playing inside the home.

All of this comes with no subscription costs and all the footage is stored locally and easily archived to your personal Dropbox or FTP server.


The Smart Indoor Camera retails for £199.99, the Smart Indoor Siren for £69.99 and the pack of 3 Smart Door and Window Sensors for £89.99. The sensors will be available to buy from 6 September and the siren from 26 September. Find out more here.

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