Nanoleaf's long-awaited Shapes light panel range has gone on sale – with the first run of Hexagonal versions available first. More shapes will follow this year and next and will be compatible, so you can join them together.

Nanoleaf Hexagons were first shown off at CES 2020 back in January and are available in packs of 9, 15 or 21 panels.

The Shapes panels can be controlled by touch through and can be used with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home or via the Nanoleaf app.

As well as touch control, Hexagons are also appealing because they have a newly designed bespoke adhesive mount that promises less damage to your walls. Our older Nanoleaf Canvas triangular panels used 3M Command tape that stuck a little too well to the plaster – yes we lost a chunk when we removed them!

These new, thinner Shapes panels also have all the features of the old Canvas panels inclduing the ability to use them as a dynamic music visualiser, add scenes, screen mirroring (reflecting the colours on your display) and more. A sunrise mode enables you to use them as a giant wake up light.

The older-style Nanoleaf light panels are still available, too:


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