We've seen screen mirroring with other smart home lighting before, but now Nanoleaf is joining the party to make your TV viewing even more immersive.

Nanoleaf crafts some pretty awesome, customisable and expandable light panels that you can attach to your walls and control with your smartphone or voice via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Now those wall-mounted light panels are getting an upgrade.

This upgrade is a screen mirroring feature that dynamically changes the colour and hue of your light panels to match what's on your TV screen or gaming monitor. The idea being to fill your room with immersive lighting that changes based on the happening on your favourite shows, films or games.

This new tech also includes four different modes to fit your personal preference. You can choose "match" mode to closely mirror the screen for fast-paced action, "melt" for a more subtle transition between scenes and more.

To get started with screen mirroring, you'll need to download the Nanoleaf Desktop App, that's currently in beta and have your TV plugged into a PC or Mac to run it.

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