Nanoleaf has brought back its limited edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles starter kit, which features light panels with a 360-degree black finish to present a stark alternative to the usual lighting options.

The kit, which costs £199.99 for a 9 pack, includes black mounting and power accessories. There's also a 3 pack expansion kit for £59.99.

Both feature smart functionality, including Nanoleaf's rhythm music visualiser, screen mirror, touch and schedules technologies.

They will be available once more from 23 November 2022, with pre-orders being taken on the Nanoleaf website now.

In addition, Nanoleaf has introduced a new Shapes Mini Triangles starter kit 9 pack for expanded layouts with its smaller lighting solutions.

It's priced at £119.99 and available now.

Finally, the manufacturer has made available a new firmware update (7.1.0) which includes a low power mode to reduce energy consumption when Nanoleaf products are on standby.

It claims that it reduces power comsumption in standby by up to 96 per cent for Shapes, and 50 per cent for its Lines and Elements lighting.

Nanoleaf also recently announced several new products that come Matter-certified. The new smart home industry standard ensures that numerous devices all connect and talk with one another seamlessly.

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