Nanoleaf, makers of the fantastic Canvas smart home lighting panels are in the midst of revealing two new products for 2020 including ones that learn and react to your needs.

The company is at CES, lighting up the show floor with new smart lighting tech that includes the Nanoleaf Learning Series and the Unified Hexagon Light Panels.

Nanoleaf Learning Series

The former of these two lighting products promises to "learn, sense and react" to your lighting habits and personal needs.

This new setup is designed to make life easier with more intuitive smart home controls that include both motion sensors and brightness sensing technology to automatically adjust the lights throughout the day.

This means less manual interaction from you and clever lighting that turns on to welcome you home or dims pleasantly as you wind down for bedtime.

This kit includes a light switch, bulb, button and gateway to get everything working in harmony.

Unified Hexagon Light Panels

The other new addition to Nanoleaf's line-up includes hexagon-shaped panels that are compatible with the company's current Canvas panels. Meaning if you already own Nanoleaf lights you can now expand your current setup and create even more interesting shapes.

These lights are also said to be part of a series of future unified products that will work seamlessly together and offer even more shapes to light up your walls.

The company has says that these new smart lighting products are also coming with a new and improved mounting system that means less damage to your walls. This is good news for anyone who's ever tried to move Nanoleaf panels they've previously mounted and found they got more than they bargained for.

These hexagon panels are also touch-reactive and include all the other awesome features we know and love from other Nanoleaf products. That includes the dynamic music visualiser, layered scenes, screen mirroring and more.

Both these new products are set to launch later this year, but we have no official word on price or availability at the moment.

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