Nanoleaf has a number of lighting solutions for your home and gaming area. Now the company is expanding its range to include Matter-compatible lights too.

The company has revealed four new smart bulbs and lighting strips which form part of its Essentials line. Nanoleaf Essentials was originally launched back in 2020 and included a number of smart home lighting products that worked with Thread.

Now Nanoleaf is trying to make its lights even more convenient with a seamless experience backed up by Matter. The lights include A19, GU10 Bulbs and a light strip.

Meanwhile, Matter is an industry-wide standard that's designed to allow smart home products to seamlessly integrate into your smart home in a less painful way. So though the Nanoleaf lights can be controlled and customised via the Nanoleaf app, you'll also be able to use your favourite voice assistant or another smart home app via Matter's Multi-Admin tools.

As with other Nanoleaf lights, these new Essentials smart lights offer plenty of lighting customisation. With 16 million colour options, ultra-bright whites and dynamic colour-changing lighting, you'll have some flexible and pleasant lighting for your home.

Nanoleaf says this is just the start of its efforts with Matter-compatible devices and more will be launched at CES 2023. Find out more over at the Nanoleaf site.

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