Nanoleaf's smart lighting wall panels have become a hugely popular and instantly recognisable fixture in the industry, with streamers, in particular, flocking to their ability to immediately lend even an unremarkable space some real character and pizazz.

Now that range is expanding in an interesting new direction with the addition of Elements, a new type of panel that's designed around wood-grain veneer to fit more seamlessly into a setup that doesn't necessarily want to scream "gamer" in quite the same manner.

The panels use a hexagonal pattern and, like most of Nanoleaf's range, can be arranged however you see fit, so patterns and shapes are well within your grasp. Each can light up its entire surface with natural-looking light, but there are also lighting effects aplenty.

You can have light crackle like a fireplace, or pulse for a more futuristic feel, and routines are easy to set up. Plus, as you expect from Nanoleaf, it all integrates nicely with smart assistants. We particularly like the sound of its Circadian mode, which adjusts the lighting based on your room's ambient light throughout the day.

On a more technical note, as Nanoleaf announced at the turn of year, the new kit will also support the Thread smart home protocol for a more reliable connection than Bluetooth can provide.

All this doesn't come too cheap, though, compared to some of Nanoleaf's more basic options – you can order a 7-panel starter kit now from the Nanoleaf store for £199.99. We'll have a full review of what the system is like to live with in just a few weeks once we've had a chance to get to grips with it, so check back for our verdict in due course.

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