Naim has revealed a new version of the MuSo Qb first released over three years ago. The Mu-so Qb 2nd generation features a bunch of new hardware and software upgrades that provide a nice update.

There is a steep incline in price though – now it's $899/£749, meaning this new model clocks in around £200 extra than the first generation.

We've been running the original Mu-so Qb since near-launch and it's a very impressive all-rounder – happy with Spotify Connect, Tidal, AirPlay 2 (after a recent update), Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux or even optical, USB or Ethernet. There's also streaming internet radio including presets and control via the Naim app, while new with this model is a remote control (the same as that with the 2nd generation Mu-so).

You'll get more of the same from the Qb 2, but many core specs have been tweaked. The design is very similar – it's the same shape and it still packs 300W of power. There are redesigned Focal-designed drivers, a new DSP (the same as in the also recently-released Mu-so 2). New speaker grilles are more "acoustically transparent", too.

The biggest change is to the interface which now has 15 touch-sensitive buttons and wakes up when you bring your hand close to it. Again, you can use the app for control, too and even set the Mu-so Qb to be your alarm clock should you really wish.

While the speaker doesn't do any kind of automatic acoustic detection unlike the Apple HomePod, there are three pre-set locations to choose from – Near Wall, Near Corner, No Compensation. The latter means it's in free space.

Thanks to AirPlay 2 you can multiroom Mu-so Qb 2 with other speakers using the Apple Home app on iOS and Mac, while you can also multiroom via the Naim app with other Naim speakers like the bigger Mu-so or another Mu-so Qb. You can also link it up to other Chromecast devices (yes, there's Chromecast compatibility, too) via groups controlled by the Google Home app on iOS and Android.

High-resolution WAV, FLAC and DSD files are also supported should you be interested in having the highest quality output up to 32bit/384kHz.

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