Mercedes-Benz will soon work with Samsung's smart home platform, opening up what you can do inside one of its vehicles.

According to a Samsung press release, the Daimler AG-owned German carmaker has partnered with Samsung to turn its newest luxury cars – starting with the S-Class in 2021 – into full-blown smart home controllers. With a Mercedes-Benz S-Class car that supports Samsung SmartThings, you'll be able to control most of your smart home devices through the automaker's own voice assistant, MBUX.

"'Hey Mercedes' is about to get a whole lot smarter as it joins the world's largest IoT ecosystem," Samsung announced. The company said you'll be able to turn off lights, lock your doors, adjust the thermostat, set your security system, and close the garage door – all from your S-Class car.

Keep in mind, at CES in January, Samsung first revealed it wanted to make the SmartThings app work with "most new cars” in the US. At the same time, automakers like Subaru and Tesla have been using EveConnect, which requires a paid plan, to offer drivers smart home capabilities.

Unlike those, Mercedes-Benz and Samsung's approach will be a native experience, and should be a breeze to set up and use, too.

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