We've rolled through Black Friday and we're currently in what was once called Cyber Monday, meaning there are still some great deals to be had – with a fire sale on Arlo security devices.

Arlo is one of our favourite home security systems, giving you smartphone-controlled cameras, motion detection, night vision and all with free online video storage for 7 days. It's an expensive system, but you can save up to 40 per cent today thanks Cyber Monday.

Arlo Pro single camera system, save £115, now £184.99 (was £299.99): The Arlo Pro consists of the hub and the cameras. These cameras are waterproof and battery powered, so installation indoors or outdoors is easy. Wire-free, HD capable security cameras, with two-way audio, and compatible with Alexa. The hub also contains a siren. This is the single camera version, but you can get it with up to five cameras. See the Arlo Pro deal on Amazon

Arlo Q standalone camera, save £70, now £99.99 (was £179.99): The Arlo Q is a standalone camera, so you can use it as an indoor security camera or have it as part of a larger Arlo system. It offers 1080p capture and two way audio. It connects via Wi-Fi, but there's also a version offering Ethernet. See the Arlo Q offer on Amazon

• Arlo Security Light, save £40, now £99.99 (was £149.99): The Arlo Light is a standalone security light. It's battery powered for easy installation and can detect motion and illuminate with powerful LEDs, alerting you on your phone. It will also work within the Arlo system, so can trigger cameras to record when movement is detected. See the Arlo Light deal on Amazon

It's all compatible with Android or iPhone, with control from browsers too, so it's always easy to tap in and see what's happening at home. You might be lying on a beach, walking home from work or at a friend's house for the evening and you can instantly get alerted to movement and live view the feed from the cameras to see what's happening.

The added bonus is that Arlo also works with Alexa, so you can enable or disable your cameras using voice, as well as use the Echo Show or a Fire tablet to show you a live feed. "Alexa, show me my front door camera": it's as easy as that.

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