Wi-Fi security cameras have revolutionized home security. Until recently, home security was a privilege only exercised by homeowners and affluent individuals. But thanks to an upsurge in accessible and affordable smart security devices, homeowners and renters have started protecting their properties. And thanks to DIY security systems, like Swann's, home security is just as accessible to renters as for homeowners.

Installing home security systems doesn’t just protect you, your family, and your home – it also protects your entire neighbourhood. Numerous studies have shown that the presence of security cameras in residential areas is linked to a dramatic reduction in crime. Neighbourhoods with CCTVs see a 20 per cent reduction in drug-related crimes and a 14% reduction in vehicle and property crimes, so the need for security cameras can’t be understated.

Here's how Swann WiFi home security systems can protect you, your home, and your neighbours from unwanted intruders and criminals.

Swann security systems don’t require hardwiring, drilling, or professional installation

Home security systems have started seeing widespread, mainstream usage over the past couple of years. The sudden increase in the use of home security systems can be attributed to their increasing accessibility. Until recently, home security was a privilege of the rich and affluent, but that’s no longer the case. The Swann security system is ideal for homeowners and renters alike because it doesn’t require hardwiring, drilling, or professional installation.

The Swann home security system has been specially designed for renters and DIYers. Swann’s security camera and video doorbell are powered by Lithium-ion batteries, so you don’t need to connect them to a power source. The installation only takes a few minutes. Meanwhile, the Swann WiFi alert sensors can be mounted using double-sided adhesive tapes – an installation process that even a 5-year-old could easily accomplish.

Since there’s no hardwiring or drilling involved, renters don’t have to seek permission from landlords or worry about losing their security deposits.

Connect a video doorbell to keep an eye on all visitors

The Swann Video Doorbell should ideally be your first line of defence against potential intruders. You can install this video doorbell without hardwiring – it can simply be stuck on your door. The video doorbell features a wide-angle vertical lens that allows you to see the entire profile of individuals, including any package they may leave on the doorstep. You can also communicate with the visitors and receive motion alerts.

If there’s an unwanted guest, you can use the intercom to scare them off. Even if you’re not currently home, the intercom makes it seem like you’re home. You can also warn the burglar and state that you’ve called the authorities, which should be enough to send them packing. Most burglars avoid homes they deem to be occupied, so the intercom should act as a deterrent.

Best of all, it's now down to just £99.99 from £169.99.

Install the Swann security camera to monitor your property all day and night

The Swann Xtreem Security Camera allows you to monitor your home during the day and night. You can install the Swann security camera indoors or outdoors – it features a strong weatherproof rating. When burglars see your camera outside, they’re not likely to enter your home. And even if they get close to your home, the camera’s inbuilt motion sensor should identify their heat signature and send an alert to your phone.

Attach the Tracker Camera to your fridge to discreetly identify unwanted guests in your home

Let’s say someone manages to enter your home. If that happens, you also have a third line of defence – the Swann Tracker Cam. You can attach the tracker cam to your fridge – it has a magnetic base. It can automatically zoom and track the movements of up to two individuals. When it identifies unwanted movement, it automatically starts recording and saving the video footage, which you can later show to the authorities.

The Swann Tracker Cam has two lenses, each capable of recording 1080p videos. The powerful infrared vision automatically turns on when it gets dark, allowing you to view up to 10 meters in complete darkness. You can also use the two-way intercom to warn off intruders. And if you’ve linked the Tracker Cam to your Swann Indoor Siren, you can also release a loud siren sound, which should be enough to scare them off.

Right now, you can grab the Tracker Camera for just £59.99, down from £89.99.

Swann Security simplifies the home security process, allowing homeowners and renters to protect their loved ones with the utmost simplicity.

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