Apple took the wraps off its new HomeKit Secure Video standard over a year ago now, showing off its security and fidelity, but it's taken plenty of time for Secure Video to actually get used by anyone. In fact, Logitech only just unveiled the first bit of consumer-grade kit to use it.

The new Circle View Wired Video Doorbell has one of the more descriptive names we've encountered recently, and does just what it says on the tin, apart from the fact that it's very much not circular, looking like just about every other video doorbell out there, which is no criticism.

It's a video doorbell designed expressly and exclusively for HomeKit users, working on Apple's smart home system alone, and adopts Secure Video for enhanced confidence. It's got a wide-angle lens that shoots in 1200 x 1600 resolution with HDR. A small flash lightstrip can illuminate visitors at night-time, too, while night vision should enhance that visibility.

HomeKit Secure Video means that it lets you use Apple's Home app to check out videos and get notified of visitors. Video storage and upload all go through iCloud.

It also handily ties in with Apple's insight into your photo library through iCloud, to enable a neat facial recognition system based on your photographs in storage, rather than faces learnt from scratch.

Separately, you will need a HomeKit hub, whether it's a HomePod, iPad or Apple TV, to use the Circle View doorbell – simply having an iPhone won't cut it. If it appeals, you can pick it up now for $199/£199 from Logitech.

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