Great news for those of you who love that vintage look in your homes: LIFX has launched a new range of retro 'Edison' smart bulbs at CES 2020.

If you've ever gone shopping for these traditional-looking Edison style bulbs it normally means going with an old-school filament/coil which are generally fragile and inefficient, or switching for LED based ones that aren't smart.

With the new Filament Range, LIFX gives you the LED Filaments, but adds the smarts so that you can hook it up to your home Wi-Fi network and then control it from the company's smart home app, or use Google Assistant/Alexa.

Like the non-smart LED based ones, these bulbs have LED 'sticks', using a lot less power to brighten than the traditional coil type filaments.

What's more, you'll be able to choose from three different glass types: smokey, amber and clear glass, to more perfectly match the colour and finish you're going for.

While the colour of the light is a single warm white option, the bulbs can be dimmed and brightened depending on your mood.

The range will launch initially with the ST64 – a teardrop shaped bulb – and will later be followed by the G95 Globe (a round option).

There's no official pricing yet, but LIFX is aiming to sell the bulbs for $29 each when they launch in Spring 2020.

As well as that, LIFX has used CES 2020 to announce a handful of other new products. Chief of which is a smart switch you can use to manually turn your LIFX bulbs on or off.

It's a four-gang switch that can be used to control both smart and traditional bulbs, and has a LIFX module inside, allowing you to control it via the cloud through LIFX's app.

Like the LIFX Filament range, it'll launch in Spring 2020, and will cost $119.99.

Add that to the new Z-360 TV backlighting kit, candlelight bulbs and you have a new lighting and smart controls for just about every room in the house, whether you're going for colourful and eye-catching colours or the traditional warm glow.

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