LG has unveiled the Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare at technology trade show IFA in Berlin and they are exactly what the doctor ordered for your limited edition trainers.

Got a pair of Ben & Jerry Nike SB Chunky Dunky's? Well, the LG Styler ShoeCase will make sure they are kept in the optimal environment. Aimed at "sneakerheads", the LG Styler ShoeCase features transparent panels that allow you to showcase your rare trainers in a space-friendly solution. The modular design allows you to stack up to four cases on top of one another.

LG says the ShoeCase will also protect against humidity and fabric-discolouring UV light and there is also a 360-degree turntable so you can make sure every element of each pair of your trainers gets time to shine.

The LG Styler ShoeCare meanwhile, uses the company's TrueSteam technology to refresh shoes and there are 10 courses to choose from depending on the fabric of the shoe, all of which soak up moisture and help remove smells.

The ShoeCare system is said to be able to refresh up to four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes on a standard course, operating at 35dB. It's also possible to refresh two pairs of shoes with different fabric care needs at the same time though, and there is a height-adjustable Moving Nozzle to dry out the insides of shoes.

The LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare are compatible with the LG ThinQ app so you can remotely control and monitor them. There is no word on pricing or availability yet though.

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