LG showcased a washer and dryer pair at CES 2022 that features the company's Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology, steam technology and a number of functions to make laundry smarter, and dare we say it, a lot more fun.

The WashTower has a washing machine at the bottom and a dryer at the top, with the washer able to sense load size, fabric type, and how dirty the clothes are, automatically selecting the right amount of detergent and adjusting the cycle accordingly.

The washing machine also features steam technology, while a Smart Pairing feature sends information from the washer to the dryer, recommending the optimal drying cycle.

The dryer is the first from the company to offer its AI DD technology, adding precise movement control and automatically selecting the best settings for fabric care and faster drying times. The AI technology will learn your laundry routine, while an infrared sensor measures the temperature of the clothes in the dryer and adjusts settings to ensure even drying.

The LG WashTower has a ductless design to save space and require less clearance with the back wall and it features black tinted-glass doors, decorative chrome elements and a black steel finish. There is a modern and minimal central control panel and the dryer uses Dual heat pump technology to save energy.

LG hasn't detailed pricing or availability as yet, but this is certainly one way to make laundry less of a chore.

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