LG's big announcements at this year's IFA 2020 in Berlin are its LG ThinQ Home connected system and a smart mirror that can be used as the interface for the entire house.

The LG ThinQ Home Concierge is a large, smart mirror that, when on, gives you an Apple Home-style user experience to control every compatible smart device you have – including smart fridges, robot vacuum cleaners and home heating.

It can even be used to control an electric car charging point, so you can remotely monitor your car and set it to charge.

The Home Concierge can also monitor your home's energy usage, as long as appliances and devices are connected to it – maybe a smart meter too.

One thing we didn't find out during the press event (along with pricing or availability details) is what happens when the hub is off and it's just a mirror again – surely fingerprints will be clearly visible. Maybe LG should build a smart polishing robot too?

The LG ThinQ Home system is much like Apple and Google's smart home alternatives, in that it allows easy control to all your appliances and devices through one simple interface.

As well as the press event, LG is hosting a virtual IFA booth that you can explore from the safety of your own PC. You can find that here.

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