There were plenty of products announced during the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin this week, but few piqued the interest quite as much as LG's extension of its Styler garment cleaning devices.

That's because the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare are especially designed to maintain and freshen-up your trainers.

Well, they work with other shoes too. However, considering the rising trend in collecting sneakers, it seems that LG is pandering directly to that market. And why not?

The ShoeCase in particular is made to display your favourite pair of Yeezys, for example. It is a largely transparent box which fits a single pair of shoes.

It protects against UV light, which can discolour those prized sneakers, and sports a 360-degree rotating turntable to show off the contents. There's a light too for good measure.

The Styler Shoecase is also modular so multiple units can be stacked for a cabinet style presentation.

A LG Styler ShoeCare can also be added to the mix. It features the same sort of cleaning technology found in the main Styler device launched a couple of years ago. Pop your dirty shoes inside and they can be completely refreshed in around 37 minutes – to remove smells or easily dry them out when wet.

Sadly, we didn't get to see the Styler ShoeCare in action when viewing it at IFA – nor whiffed any of the shoes inside, thankfully. But it's nicely designed and we can certainly see a point.

As it can clean three pairs of shoes at a time, it could be handy for family use.

The LG Styler ShoeCase, on the other hand, is fairly mad, maybe poorly timed considering the current cost of living crisis, but also brilliant for reasons we can't quite put our finger on.

We've certainy got a pair of Adidas Trimm Trabs that'd look great spinning around.

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