You can always trust LG to liven-up an otherwise fairly mundane IFA trade show. It has introduced some off-the-wall products in that past and, in the MoodUp refrigerator, it has literally brightened 2022's event.

When open, it's a large, mostly conventional American style fridge, with plenty of room for chilled and frozen foods. But when closed and linked to an accompanying smart app, it becomes something quite different.

There has been a lot of talk about modular design at this year's IFA, with the idea that being able to change the superficial look of a device, it can extend its lifespan. Or, at least, how long you want it looming in the corner of a room.

Brighten up your mood

The MoodUp takes that a whole step further. Three of its doors sport individual LED panels that can change colour to suit your decor or, simply, mood. There are 22 coloiur options for the fridge section at the top, 19 for the freezer.

It also includes the ability to flash and switch hues like disco lighting. Yep, you really can take the party into the kitchen.

What's more, it has a Bluetooth speaker built-in and, as well as play your own streamed tracks, there are 69 curated songs on offer.

Of course, it's all a bit gimmicky but, from our brief demo in Berlin, we instantly fell in love with the idea. It's also implemented well, with the colour options adding a sense of flair and fun to something traditionally just functional.

As with other smart LG fridges these days, the MoodUp includes an Instaview door, whereby you can see foodstuffs stored in the right-hand side of the upper cabinet. It also works with the tapping system that turns the light on withouth having to open the door itself.

However, that's really not the point of this fun and friendly fridge. We don't currently know how much it'll cost or when it will be available to buy, but we're certainly happy that it exists.

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