CES is just around the corner and LG is already showing off its latest CordZero ThinQ A9 and CordZero ThinQ Robotic Mop with Power Drive Mop technology.

These cleaning devices are said to offer new mopping capabilities and effective cleaning for even the most difficult jobs.

The CordZero ThinQ A9 and CordZero ThinQ Robotic Mop, include LG's Power Drive Mop tech that uses an advanced water system to ensure just the right amount of water is used. No more puddles or unnecessary streaks.

The CordZero ThinQ A9 is a stick vacuum cleaner with interchangeable nozzles that will allow you to quickly switch between mopping and vacuuming modes with ease. This vacuum cleaner features the Power Drive Nozzle that offers powerful suction for both carpet and hard floor. Other highlights include two quick-change battery packs, removable/washable filters and a space-saving design.

The CordZero ThinQ Robotic Mop meanwhile, is said to be an intelligent and powerful mopping bot that will efficiently clean your home without bumping into household objects. If you already own LG's CordZero ThinQ R9 robot vacuum then you can pair both bots up to effectively and efficiently clean your home.

LG says this system means that the bots use their intelligent Dual Eye cameras to gather important information about your home. When the robot vacuum has finished cleaning, it lets the robot mop know which area of the home needs mopping.

We'll find out more about these new cleaning machines when CES kicks off in earnest soon.

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