The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is one of those does what it says on the tin products. It's a digital clock, backed up by Google Assistant, which turns it into a time-telling smart speaker.

The original Lenovo Smart Clock, released in 2019, is a touchscreen-based device, able to display various Google Assistant screens. The Essential removes that touchscreen ability, stripping things back to the essentials.

It is, in a sense, a 'speakerclock', marrying together the functions you would expect from a bedside or kitchen surface clock – time, date, alarm – with Google Assistant smarts such as being able to listen to the radio or have the weather announced.

The Smart Clock Essential features big LED lights, but the display is auto-dimmable so it won't bother you at night – unless you wish to use it as a night light, which is an available feature.

There's an integrated 3W speaker with two passive radiators to boost the sound, which we anticipate will be much like the original – small yet capable for a bit of background listening or morning wakeup to your favourite tunes.

The Essential, just like the full-fat Smart Clock, also has a soft-touch fabric to its exterior, giving the design a softness that will integrate in any room.

Key to the Essential, of course, is its price point: it'll retail for €59 when it goes on sale, making it a bit of a bargain. However, as we've noted before, the original and better-equipped Smart Clock is often available at half price (making it cheaper still).

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