Microsoft appears to be readying a set of new features for its Cortana assistant.

These new features, which will supposedly arrive sometime later this year, bring additional voice options including a male voice for the first time, according to a video posted by Twitter user @h0x0d. It's unclear where the video is from, but it could be leaked materials from Microsoft.

Leakster @h0x0d has a decent track record, and other sites seem to think the video is evidence the feature really is coming. The video specifically shows a “masculine” voice coming to the assistant.

But it doesn’t actually play any audio of how the new voice sounds:

Cortana in 2019

— WalkingCat (@h0x0d) October 31, 2019

Other than that, the video teases an integration with the Outlook app on iOS, including a new Play My Emails feature that will allow Cortana to summarise your new emails in a briefing, and you’ll be able to manage or flag your emails using just your voice. There are also new Cortana features for Windows, like a Briefing mode, which summarises your calendar and meetings.

Plus, there's new scheduling options for meetings.

We're not sure when Microsoft plans to release these new features for Cortana, but @h0x0d indicated they'll arrive in 2019.

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