Every homeowner wants to keep their property as safe as possible. While there are many effective methods, having visual control over the premises still counts among the most important.

Of course, a security camera is the best solution, but not every type will suffice. If you want to secure your home in the best way possible, you'll want a reliable, top-quality camera. And the AiDot is all that and more.

Who is AiDot

AiDot Co., Ltd is a brand built around bringing your whole world closer and providing valuable insights, especially into your home life. It’s a hub for your devices, assistants, virtual assistants, and routine planning to create your ideal environment.

Seamless connectivity and control

The AiDot security camera is excellent for indoor environments. It provides all-day protection by recording the space in high definition and using advanced algorithms.

This camera provides 2K recordings which may require additional storage. To that end, the camera can store the footage on an SD card or in the cloud. The latter is made possible with Wi-Fi connectivity. The AiDot also provides precise real-time feedback, which means your home will never be out of sight.

Besides being an indoor camera, the AiDot can provide instant communication. It features a two-way audio system, allowing you to hear what's happening in a room and speak if necessary.

In terms of the recording itself, AiDot offers the highest quality. The camera is equipped with a night vision feature that ensures a clear image 24 hours a day. Around-the-clock security is ideal for families with small children and pets since there won't be a moment when you don't know what they're doing.

However, that's not all the AiDot camera can do. It also features motion detection – a useful addition to a piece of home security equipment.

Whenever AiDot detects any movement – whether it's a child, pet, or anything else – it will issue an alert. You'll immediately get a message through your smartphone app notifying you about the disturbance. But that doesn't mean the camera will send you only general alerts.

The built-in AI will recognise precisely what is moving and AiDot will inform you accordingly. You'll get a notification about whatever is in the room, be it a cat, child, or toy truck.

AiDot Cloud Service

Pairing the AiDot camera with the AiDot Cloud Service can elevate your home monitoring system to the next level.

With the AiDot App, you can take advantage of the first Smart Analysis Camera Service and benefit from 24/7 monitoring. The app makes it easy to protect your home at all times and get crucial notifications whether you’re at work, lying in bed, or away on vacation.

Powerful AI detections

The AiDot Cloud Service has superior AI technology optimized for movement and shape recognition. The AI Detection is a must-have cloud-backed function if you want to keep track of your pet's activities or check on the security of your family. The AI Detection excels in:

  • Human detection
  • Pet detection
  • Package detection
  • Vehicle detection

The advanced AI algorithm differentiates between animals, humans, and inanimate objects, giving accurate information about what’s happening at home.

Data analysis and push notifications for pet sitting

Learning more about what goes on in your absence, especially with pets and kids, requires reliable data analysis. Without it, real-time monitoring only offers information. Compiling that data and extrapolating valuable insights is what makes a difference.

The AiDot Cloud Service, through its AiDot App, can give you a deeper insight into your pets’ actions and behaviour. For example, the app allows you to set specific fields and monitoring parameters.

Then, the data analysis feature will explain how your pets interact, which rooms they visit the most and when, and share other insights. It’s the best way to monitor your beloved cuties, especially when you’re not home a lot.

In addition, this pet sitting function can help you identify odd behaviour or mood swings that may indicate an illness in your pets.

Data analysis for pattern recognition

Data analysis is key to better understanding interactions between family members and pets at home.

But it doesn’t just help you monitor and learn more about your pets. For instance, have you ever wondered which room in your home gets the most foot traffic? Do you want to know if where you prefer to spend your time in the home is different from other family members?

The AiDot App enables you to make a wide range of selections regarding hotspots. You can monitor specific areas in the home and analyze the data to identify odd behaviour and respond appropriately.

Furthermore, the advanced AI Detection algorithm can easily identify objects and different zones in a single room. If you want to know whether your kids jump on the sofa, sit on the floor, or your pets sleep in the bed when you leave for work, the AI detection algorithm is the solution.

Pattern recognition is a game-changer for figuring out how to improve interactions at home, set new rules, communicate better, or create more activities that can create a deeper bond between everyone in a family. It’s a form of aid not previously available to family members who are absent frequently.

Home monitoring

If you want to monitor children of any age, the AiDot Cloud Service unlocks the full potential of the AiDot Indoor Security Camera.

You can focus the camera on specific areas like the nursery, playpen, and other places where your kids spend most of their time. Therefore, it’s easy to monitor sleep patterns like no traditional baby monitor allows.

It’s also easy to intervene when necessary, having both visual camera cues and push notifications.

Why installing the AiDot indoor security camera is a good idea

As a smart home security camera, AiDot can be very useful in a number of situations.

Firstly, as mentioned, this camera is vital for households with kids or pets. If you have a baby, you'll want to keep an eye on them at all times. After all, that's why baby monitors were created. But AiDot can provide everything a baby monitor can, and so much more.

You can see your child whenever you want, listen for any unusual sounds in the room, and even talk to the baby directly via two-way audio.

If your child has started walking, you'll need that 24-hour monitoring even more. When kids learn to walk, your home becomes a potentially dangerous place. This means you'll want to know what's going on at any given point and know when your kid goes exploring.

A similar principle applies to pets. If your four-legged friend has a habit of getting stuck in unreachable places or refuses to stay away from certain areas of your home, keeping an eye on their activities is a good idea.

Lastly, AiDot can improve the overall safety of your home. The camera will look out for unexpected movement when you're not there. The algorithm will recognise an intruder and notify you at a moment's notice. Then, you'll be able to call the authorities or try to scare the potential thief away by addressing them through the camera.

All things considered, AiDot is an all-round home security solution. If you want to order this fantastic smart camera or simply learn more about it, feel free to visit AiDot.com.

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