Just before the holiday season in 2020, Ring announced that it will be getting into the in-car monitoring business, offering cameras that can help protect your vehicles.

The idea being that it can detect break-ins and record them, or allow you to record coversations with law enforcement when they pull you over.

What we didn't really know is exactly what this camera might look like. Or at least, not until now. In fact, we're still not certain this is the in-car camera, but it's speculated that it could be.

The one thing we do now is that it looks very unusual. The leaked render at the top of this page was originally shared by TheTapeDrive.com (via ZatsNotFunny) and shows a camera system mounted to an angled arm.

Only one camera is shown in the image, but we know the in-car camera should have two, but – as speculated by Zats – that could be because it's on the other side of the camera module.

This element itself does look like it might by mounted in a way that allows you to pivot the unit and adjust the angle. With the arm designed to allow you to mount it to your car.

While we don't know for sure if this is the in-car camera Ring is planning to launch we do know some details already.

We know it will monitor your car for bumps and break-ins, and then send an alert via the Ring app to let you know. It also has dual HD cameras, and is planned to feature both Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.

Whether or not this is that camera is yet to be seen. Ring hasn't officially shown off the design yet. Hopefully it won't be too long now before it's available and out in the real world.

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