iRobot has unveiled its latest Roomba robot vacuum, the Roomba Combo J7+ and it's one that takes a welcome step forward by being able to both vacuum and mop at the same time, without manual switching.

Its mopping system is attached to a mechanical arm that can swing up and away from the floor, resting above the vacuum when not in use, meaning it won't leave behind any wet patches on carpets or rugs that it encounters.

The vacuum is, unsurprisingly, a bit of an upgraded version of the already-out Roomba J7+, and also includes some upgrades to its operating system, Roomba OS, with more that can be added over time thanks to from-the-cloud updates that Roomba can deploy.

Many robot vacuums nowadays do have mopping functions built-in, but in most cases these either need the owner to manually engage them by swapping out a part, or for the vacuum to return to its base station to change modes before it heads out to clean your hard floors.

Having a vacuum that can make that swap on the fly takes us a step closer to the all-in-one solution that many people dream of when they pick up a robot vacuum, so it'll be interesting to see if competitors like Roborock can catch up to that feature particularly quickly.

The Roomba Combo J7+ will launch in Europe and the US on 4 October 2022, from $1,099 with European pricing not yet announced.

If you're in the market for a robot vacuum, meanwhile, be sure to check out our list of the best options on the market right now, to see what you should pick up.

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