When it comes to building a smart home, there's one device that everyone needs – and that's a smart plug. Fortunately, Black Friday sales have just the candidate for such an occasion – the TP-Link HS100 smart plug. There's a great deal on Amazon and Argos on these smart plugs.

The best part about this deal is that you can get three plugs for price you'd normally pay for one, which is quite frankly an insanely good deal. Yes, you get three smart plugs for £29.97 – where you'd normally pay £24.99 for one. Does that make sense? It does on Black Friday.

So why should you be looking at the TP-Link smart plug? Because it's compatible with Amazon Alexa (or Google Assistant) and it doesn't need a hub to work. It's part of TP-Link's Kasa system, meaning a swift set-up using your smartphone and then you can connect it to your Echo or other device for remote control – so it's hassle free and very versatile.

It's really easy to use – and if you just want a smart plug, you can also use it via the app to set timers or turn on and off using your smartphone. In fact, it's such a great plug, we've bought several of them ourselves.

Smart plugs are ideal for remote control of heating or air conditioners, lamps or even lights for the Christmas tree.

The Black Friday sales will only be on into 3 December, so you'll have to move fast. We've rounded up some of the best smart home deals right here, or you can look at the best deals for the US or the best UK Black Friday offers.

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