The first products from the collaboration between Sonos and Ikea will arrive in August, in the form of the Symfonisk Book Shelf Wi-Fi Speaker and the Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker. Now it has been announced that they will be joined by a Symfonisk Sound Remote.

In addition, the speakers in the range will be compatible with the Ikea Tradfri smart home app, the retailer also revealed.

The Sound Remote looks like a small, hi-fi knob but is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the home. It provides simple controls to play/pause music, skip a song, go to the previous track and adjust the volume.

It doesn't even require a power cable to run, so can sit anywhere you fancy and can even be moved around. As Ikea says, it can be placed "on the fridge, on the wall, on the dinner table".

The Tradfri app is Ikea's existing mobile software that provides control over the company's other smart home products. By linking your Symfonisk speakers, you can not only use it to control music output, but also link the system to Ikea smart blinds and lighting, to automate your smart devices to suit the mood.

Of course, the new speaker range will also be compatible with the Sonos application.

Pricing for the Symofisk Sound Remote is yet to be announced. The Tradfri app is already available for Android and iOS.

The Book Shelf Speaker will be priced at £99, while the Table Lamp Speaker will be £179.

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